I’m Still Here….

Jeez, I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I posted last. I don’t have all that many excuses as to why not. Well, I do: I’ve been reading for the Hugos, which was the priority this month, and I’ve been gorging on Netflix with the husband, which has been rather enjoyable. There have been other things keeping my brain from the computer, but those aren’t worth writing about here, not right now. In short, my brain has been full. Maybe it’s the heat?

Whatever the excuse, I owed you all SOME kind of post, so let this be that. Hi! I voted for the Hugos today (deadline is July 31st), and I’ve got some thoughts on that, but I’d really rather wait until voting is over, so that my commentary doesn’t influence people in any unfair way. I’ll be posting a month’s end entertainment tally, which will include not just my reading for the month, but everything I’ve been watching too. And of course, I can always talk about my cat, who has lost the nickname of “The Vomiteer,” and is now “The Hackmaster.”

See, there’s stuff to look forward to! Just remind me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m Still Here….

  1. Looking forward to see what you’re reading (and watching). I barely touch my netflix nowadays. I’m beginning to feel like I’m wasting my subscription fee. It will be nice to get some suggestions 🙂


    1. I’ll definitely have suggestions! 🙂

      I can say that I did find Awake on there, which was a one-season wonder of a show from last year that I adored. It’s right up the spec fic fan’s alley. 🙂


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