Winner: Aubrey Gross Giveaway!

heavenlybodiesBNThe end of giveaways always come too soon, but at least I remembered to do this before the clock struck midnight. No turning into a pumpkin for me!  Aubrey’s giveaway only encouraged two people to throw their hats in the ring, which means we had one winner. I’ve emailed both Aubrey Gross and that winner, and I’m letting that winner work out the details for her prize!

Thank you to all who entered, and all who spread the word! Aubrey has quite a lot of fiction available, so whether or not you won, or whether or not you even entered, I hope you get a chance to give her fiction a shot!

In the meantime, you may have noticed: there’s no October interview! I’ve got TWO interviews still in progress, and one possible one in the docket, but between my day job, running Speculative Chic, and going on an EPIC vacation this month, I decided to take a break. I hope to be back in November (but with WHO?), so stay tuned and if anything, since there won’t be weekly content on this blog, check out Speculative Chic‘s daily content during the week!


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