Music Monday: The Civil Wars’ “Barton Hollow”

So I stumbled on this song quite by accident, but I’ve had it on repeat ever since. See, I use my iPhone’s Bluetooth to play my iTunes music through my Sync system in my car. There are quirks, one of which is if I happen to close out iTunes on my iPhone, then the next time I drive, Sync just picks something somewhat at random. And on Monday, it picked “Barton Hollow” by The Civil Wars.

I almost skipped it in favor of another song/album I’m used to hearing, but then I said, “Eh, why not?”

This song…. it just sticks in your head, and I think what really does it for me is the tension in the harmonies. It probably doesn’t hurt either that I’m rewatching Justified with my husband and my in-laws, and this song just absolutely belongs on that show.

So yes, “Barton Hollow” is a little more folksy, a little more bluegrass than I usually listen to, but oh, it’s an earworm.

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Sound off below!

Reminder: Music Monday is about the music, not the videos. Videos are just the medium I’m using to share the music, and some videos aren’t actually videos at all. Enjoy the songs, but if YouTube forces you to watch some sort of advertisement before you can get to the music, please be patient.

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