Music Monday: Lindsey Stirling’s “Something Wild”

After a couple of weeks of possibly obscure, progressive rock, I wanted to do a little something different this week, and the perfect opportunity arose with the release of Lindsey Stirling’s new video for “Something Wild,” which features Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, and is part of of the soundtrack for the 2016 remake of Pete’s Dragon, which I’m still not sure I’m okay with them making, but here we go.

I’ve been listening to this song off and on, as it was part of my pre-order for Stirling’s new album Brave Enough, so I had no idea it was part of Pete’s Dragon until I watched the video. And frankly, this is one of the cases when the song and the video goes pretty well together, and I love the way scenes of the movie are intercut with the story of the video, which features two children diving deep into the world of pretend. I admit, I get a little choked up, but I’m just going to chalk it up to nostalgia and move on.

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Sound off below!

Reminder: Music Monday is about the music, not the videos. Videos are just the medium I’m using to share the music, and some videos aren’t actually videos at all. Enjoy the songs, but if YouTube forces you to watch some sort of advertisement before you can get to the music, please be patient.

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