Scavenger Hunt with J.L. Gribble

So some of you may be intuiting a pattern: as Maria V. Snyder did after her interview, so J.L. Gribble is doing with hers! That’s right: IT’S SCAVENGER HUNT TIME!!! That means it’s time to see how closely you were REALLY paying attention to the interview!

Below are three questions: each question correlates to one part of my interview with J.L. Gribble. Answer each question correctly, and you’re entered into a random drawing for a prize: an e-book copy (in your preferred format) of both Steel Victory AND Steel Magic!

There will be two winners, but the contest is open internationally. The winners will be contacted by email so that you can collect your prize from J.L. Gribble!


Question #1: (from Boosting Confidence): Who is one author J.L. would like to study under (BUT HASN’T), and what specifically would J.L. like to learn from this author?

Question #2: (from Monsters Are People): What would J.L. love to see her Steel Empires series get adapted into?

Question #3: (from Getting My Name Out There): Who does J.L Gribble think is criminally under-read?

Just click the link below to go to the entry form (at Google Drive) and fill out each question. Each person answering all three questions correctly will be placed on a list for a random drawing.

You have until Tuesday, August 2nd to enter, and the winners will be notified by email on Wednesday, August 3rd.

One entry per person, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited, all entrants’ information will be deleted once winners have been confirmed, etc. If you’re unsure as to whether or not your entry came through, please comment here to ask.

To enter, please click below and fill out the form. May the odds be ever in your favor!

ENTER: Scavenger Hunt with J.L. Gribble

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