Winners: Maria V. Snyder Scavenger Hunt!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who 1) sat down to read the interview with Maria V. Snyder, and 2) who participated in last week’s Scavenger Hunt. We had 37 entries, and almost everyone answered correctly (though kudos to the one person who CLEARLY did NOT read the interview, but answered wrongly with confidence!). I’ve contacted the three winners privately by email to confirm your information, so if you haven’t yet responded, please do so I can get you in touch with Maria, and you can collect your prize!

In the meantime, you may be wondering: will there be another Scavenger Hunt? Well, that depends on the author, but I must tell you, J.L. Gribble seems VERY agreeable, so you should encourage her by reading her interview (in three parts) and signal boosting the interviews the best you can. The more, the merrier!

Happy Reading, and thank you again for participating!

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