Sound Beyond Time

It’s an unusual evening for me. I’m sitting in bed with the laptop, perusing the internets, looking up high school friends and freaking out when I find old-school pictures of myself and my friends on Facebook. All the while listening to classical piano music. Husband beside me with his own laptop. At one point, just to compete with the classical music-ness, he played a song from the heavy metal band, Devildriver.

Why the classical mood? I saw an article on The Mary Sue about this futuristic piano, and the site includes an online CD, so I’ve been enjoying the sound while marveling at the spacepod-ness of the piano. There’s quite a few Debussy selections, and I remember my music theory professor playing these my freshman year of college during a recital.

I guess this evening is meant for nostalgia. There’s a lot my brain is processing as it’s making plans and working out ways to make those plans happen. I’ve got favors to do for friends and a weekend to survive, but for now, nostalgia.

And Debussy.

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