Playing Ketchup

Rather, catch-up. 😉

I didn’t post on January 14th, and I didn’t write that day either. That’s okay, because sometimes life happens and you need to do that instead. So today, I wanted to give you Tuesday’s and Thursday’s stats, because adding Tuesday’s figures to the tribute to my uncle just seemed hideously inappropriate.

Currently Writing: Codename: Magic Twins
Tuesday’s word count: 299 words
Thursday’s word count: 487 words
Total word count: 10,811 words
I’ve officially given up any pretense that I’m writing a workable draft. Instead, I’m trying to figure out my world-building through narrative and dialogue. If this were in a published book, the info-dumping would be so awful you couldn’t get away from the stench. But I figure it’s okay for now. I’d rather feel may way through some shit now and then come up with a workable outline once I have the rules and world-building figured out.

Currently Reading: Jeff VanderMeer’s Acceptance
I know, I know. It’s taking a while. I’ve been busy, yo! But I’ve made a dent, and I’d love to finish it over the weekend, but there are chores demanding my attention, as well as a stack of comics that’s getting dangerously high again.

Next up: THE WEEKEND. YAY FOR WEEKENDS. Who’s with me?

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