Music Monday: Tom McRae, “Mermaid Blues”

So this is really, really different, and for two reasons.

1) This is a link to a song file on MySpace, and not a video. I did find some videos on YouTube, but they were either abbreviated versions of the song that lacked some of the instrumentation that really makes the song stick out, and/or they were tribute videos that I felt would be distracting from the lyrics of the song. One thing I hate about music videos is that they tend to tell you a story rather than letting you create your own story for the song, and since nothing appealed here, I decided to go a different route.

2) First Music Monday featuring a male vocalist! I don’t know why Tom McRae’s been on my brain lately, but I remember when I first discovered his music: back during the heyday of Alias fandom and a lot of its fan art pulled from McRae’s lyrics. A friend I made through Live Journal sent me a mix CD of his work, and when I decided to buy the albums, I discovered this song and freaking fell in love with it. There is one thing I can tell you about Tom McRae lyrics, and I don’t say this often because I don’t often pay ATTENTION to lyrics, but it’s this: they’re poetic, poignant, and thought-provoking.

So in lieu of a video, click the link below to visit My Space and click play on the song. Please. I’d love to hear your thoughts. And since there’s nothing for you to look at, I’ve pasted the lyrics below the link.

Click HERE to listen to Tom McRae’s “Mermaid Blues”

Tom McRae, Just Like Blood

And now for the lyrics, behind the cut:

Ice has formed
And there’s snow between the tracks
And I have seen the surface tear and
I can’t look back

And cool low sun
Has blinded you for days
From horizon to horizon
Can I dream this all away

But over the water
Over the water
Over the sea
There’s you shining bright
In a sea of fools
Oh I can sing you out of this
Can shake your mermaids blues

Come with me
For alone I fear the tide
It’s calling me and dragging me
And I think it’s time

But over the water
Over the water
Over the water
Over the sea

Shape your mouth
To fit these words of war
I see the arrows falling backwards
Burning for a cause

I’ll swim with you
Until my lungs give out
Oh I can raise you from the deep
Or drown with you in doubt

But over the water
Over the water
Over the water with you
With you, with you …

Tom McRae – Mermaid Blues Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Sound off below!

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