Music Monday: Johnny Hollow, “Mary”

When I remembered Ilya, I remembered Johnny Hollow. I popped in their debut album the other day for a refresher and I have to say, it’s no wonder I took to Lindsey Sterling’s music so quickly! The debut album is very abstract in some senses, but the music is moody and atmospheric, and when “Mary” started, I remembered how much I loved this song.

And of course, there’s no music video for this song. Johnny Hollow is one of the more interesting bands you’ve never heard of, but someone besides me has heard of the band, and took this song and made a fan video for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Be still my heart, because I enjoyed the hell out of that show when it was on.

If you’re not a fan of the show, that’s fine. Enjoy the music. If you are a fan of the show, prepare to geek out to how the lyrics fit. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, prepare to see Lena Headey kick-ass as Sarah Connor before she was Cersei!

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Sound off below!

Reminder: Music Monday is about the music, not the videos. Videos are just the medium I’m using to share the music, and some videos aren’t actually videos at all. Enjoy the songs, but if YouTube forces you to watch some sort of advertisement before you can get to the music, please be patient.

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