Writing Wednesday: The Final Answer

No writing. Let’s just get that out of the way. I’ve been very, let’s just say…. emotional.

But I did hear back from the magazine I submitted my short story to. The answer is no, short and sweet. And the trouble is, I’m running out of markets: I pulled up my Excel spreadsheet and reviewed all of the places I’ve submitted this piece, all of which I thought would make great homes, but all of which I’ve been rejected from.* So I rallied on Facebook and asked for suggestions. Thanks to that, I discovered two potential markets: both have submission periods that end on July 31st. One doesn’t pay save for a contributor copy of the mag but is very prestigious, and the other pays, but I’m not sure if it’s a professional market or not. Oh, and both take ninety days to get back to me. So I need to do some sampling, make sure I have my arms wrapped around both markets, and pick one (all while trying to get my Hugo votes in by, you guessed it, the 31st).

This time next week, I should know where I’m sending my short story next. I also need to get back on the saddle, writing-wise, even if I’m not pursuing the free-write UF I’ve been tinkering with. We’ll see.

* = Yeah, I’m ending sentences with propositions. Deal with it, yo.

2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: The Final Answer

  1. Sorry to hear about the rejection (I got two rejections yesterday. Great way to start off my day!), and good luck figuring out where to submit it next!

    Oh and are you familiar with ralan.com? It’s how I’ve found out about all of the markets I’ve submitted short fiction to.


    1. I am familiar with it, but I’ve forgotten about it. Thank you for the reminder. I need to add that site to my dailies.

      Sorry to hear about your rejections as well. Two in one day? Total bummer.


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