Writing Wednesday: The Waiting Game

I’ve got nothing exciting to report this week. So far, no news from the magazine I sent my short story to, but according to their guidelines, they usually get back to authors in two weeks, so I’ve got a bit of time left to go.

Writing-wise, I had one late-night of free-writing in the UF world I’m playing with, but nothing since. The week has been busy, and it’s also been draining on a lot of fronts. Those two variables do not make for good motivation, so I’ve been slumping just a little. I did try writing Monday night, but when I sat down to churn out some words, even just a page’s worth, my brain kind of glazed over and I decided it was best not to push anything too hard for fear of breaking something.

So that’s it for now. Next week, I hope to provide far more encouraging writing stats and maybe even a short story response! Only time will tell, so we’ll see.

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