Culture Consumption: September 2013

I know this is dreadfully late, but for a while I was seriously considering not doing these posts. Then I realized I liked doing them, as it gave me a chance to talk about STUFF, and what I really didn’t want to do was go link-hunting. So I decided to leave out the links. If you’re really interested in something, go Google it. Or ask me in the comments and I’ll send a link your way. πŸ™‚

Without further adieu, let’s look at September’s entertainment tallies!

And as always, I’m happy to jabber about anything that’s on the following lists. If you want my opinion about something, just comment and ask.



Book-wise, I sucked at reading this last month. Only two actual books, three if you count Gaiman’s, and it’s hard to count that one since it’s a children’s book. What can I say? I’m getting slow in my old age!

Abaddon’s Gate by James S.A. Corey
Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman
Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire

Short Fiction

Only two stories, one I found for free on, and the second was published in Chimes at Midnight.

The Lady Astronaut of Mars by Mary Robinette Kowal
“Never Shines the Sun” by Seanan McGuire


So I’m really working hard to finish up Hellblazer in October, so there’s, erm, a LOT of them on this list. That will change soon, I promise! Also, I need to explain the Batman stuff: September was Villain’s month, so the point-whatever’s are a different villain in the regular Batman title. I read the Joker, Penguin, The Riddler, and Bane. Weirdly, Joker and Bane were the least interesting.

Graphic novels first:

Chew: The Omnivore Edition, Volume 2 by John Layman
Chew: The Omnivore Edition, Volume 3 by John Layman
Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen by Dan Thompson & Corinna Bechko

American Vampire Anthology #1
Batman #23.1: Joker
Batman #23.2: Penguin
Batman #23.3: The Riddler
Batman #23.4: Bane
Batman Black and White #1
Collider/FBP #3
Fairest #19
Hellblazer #244 – #275
Kick-Ass 3 #3
Lazarus #3
Locke & Key: Alpha #1
Star Wars #9
Star Wars: Legacy #6 – #7
The Manhattan Projects #14
The Star Wars #1
The Unwritten #52
The Walking Dead #114
Trillium #2


Super-quiet movie month, that’s for sure. Though I did go to the theater twice!

The World’s End

And for what I watched in the comfort of my own home:

Solomon Kane
iTunes Music Festival: Thirty Seconds to Mars

Television Shows

And I’m moving right along in Netflix, catching up on some fantastic shows:

Archer, Season 2
Friday Night Lights, Season 2
Mad Men, Season 2

And that’s it! What did you watch and/or read? What did you love, what did you hate? As always, please refrain from spoilers, as I’m obviously catching up on some shows rather late and don’t want to be spoiled.


19 thoughts on “Culture Consumption: September 2013

    1. Yes, indeed it is! It’s why I picked it up. πŸ™‚ It’s a single story about Regina, the Huntsman, and Snow, and it’s told in four parts with four different artists.


        1. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! I don’t know anyone else who’s read it, so I can’t chat about it. There’s a very interesting ship introduced in it, and I’m rather enamored of it. πŸ™‚


  1. i was annoyed by a THING in “Chimes at Midnight” – i DISTINCTLY remember Connor only being hit with Elfshot and being put to sleep for 100 years. HOW IS THERE A NIGHT HAUNT OF HIM, HOW IS HE NOW DEAD?!?!?

    hm. excuse me.

    what did you think of Riddick? in non-spoiler-y terms? i WANT to see it…


    1. Chimes at Midnight: I don’t remember the how of it, but I remember finishing One Salt Sea and knowing Connor was definitely dead. Here’s my review of it:

      Riddick: Problematic in its treatment of women (REALLY problematic), but if you enjoy the Riddick movies, you’ll enjoy this one too, for the most part. It definitely takes place after Chronicles of Riddick and it’s not re-telling the same tale from Pitch Black.


      1. i guess i’ll have to re-read. i vividly remember a scene [first words i said were: i hope to gods Seanan holds to this, unlike LKH] where Connor is elf-shot, to have to sleep for a hundred years, and Toby freaking because she’d be DEADDEADDEAD before he woke up.


        and sigh on Riddick, too – i’ve heard that it was… yeah. because there was A sole, single woman. and… damn it, Vin is BETTER than that! almost always!!!


        1. Actually, there’s more than one woman in Riddick. Katee Sackhoff has the largest role, and what her character IS is very good; it’s just how she and the other women in the movie are objectified. And Sackoff herself KNOWS BETTER but I think she’s too afraid of rocking the boat by speaking up, which is a shame, because her alter ego Starbuck would’ve rocked the boat until peoples’ ears bled.

          Still, if you’re a fan of the franchise, give it a go. Just wait till you can see it cheap. Or for free. On the plus side, there’s an alien puppy!

          Let me know what you learn if you re-read those parts of One Salt Sea. My copy is kind of buried. πŸ™‚


  2. It’s been a sucky couple months for reading here, too… I have “Chimes At Midnight.” Got it on the day it was released. So far, I have managed to find time and mental energy to read two pages of it. Ugh. Did you like it?

    Have you tried “Better off Ted” on Netflix? You might like it, if you like “Archer”…

    Oh, and if I have a comment about a book you reviewed on your LJ, should I comment there, or bring it up here?


    1. Definitely liked it. πŸ™‚

      Oh, we watched BETTER OFF TED when it came out. I think we missed one episode, but I really enjoyed that show. It was a lot of fun. πŸ™‚

      You can comment at the review in question. That way, I have my review to refer back to! πŸ™‚


  3. My brain has been turned to mush by spending too much time on the computer, and I’m actually a little afraid I might open a book one day and discover I’ve forgotten how to read. *sigh* There are a few horror-type books I’ve been hoping to get around to this month, though, seeing as how it is October (HALLOWEEN! MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY EEEEEE!).

    Ahem. I’m also geeking out because “Grimm” Season 3 starts October 25. *happy dance*


      1. I’ve heard enough about that book to intrigue me, but at the same time descriptions leave me feeling a little intimidated by the writing style, or at least what I’ve heard of it. If I was going to read it, I’d have to make sure I had plenty of time to devote to it–I have a feeling it would be one of those books I’d want a lot of time to digest, you know?


        1. I’ll probably talk about it whenever I finish it (no clue when that will be), but I’m taking my time with it, and because of the format, I’m reading it like it’s nonfiction. At least for now.


          1. Against my better judgement, I bought a copy of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” so that’s one I’d like to get around to this month.


            1. I saw the movie. I couldn’t even be entertained in a “it’s so bad it’s good” way. Hopefully you’ll do better with the book!


              1. My initial reaction to the idea of this book was something like, “…that is either totally dumb, or totally awesome…and I’m not sure which one it is…”

                I guess we’ll see! πŸ™‚


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