Today, a list!

1) Yesterday, I saw two dead animals: one was a rabbit at the entrance of my neighborhood. I was all like, “Awww, cute bunny!” because I thought it was just SITTING THERE and then as I passed, it didn’t jump away, and I saw its leg. Poor bunny…. the second dead animal also was discovered in my neighborhood: a snake that ran afoul with a lawn mower. Except I didn’t know it was dead when I came upon it in the street while walking and nearly had a heart attack. I’d say “poor snake,” but… yeah. It’s a snake. Poor bastard is better.

2) The teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has been released, and I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl. If I were still in college, or if I still had my ginormous crush on Legolas, I would’ve found high-def screencaps of this sucker and already made Live Journal icons out of all the Legolas shots. Because that’s how I used to roll.

3) Speaking of The Hobbit, I’m totally excited about Evangeline Lily’s character Tauriel. Yeah, she was made-up for the movies, but you know what? I’m cool with that. The books will always be the books and the movies will always be the movies, and damn it, the movies need more girls! And this one brings me a kick-ass elf. So yay. However, I have a theory: she and Legolas will somehow have a RELATIONSHIP (either closely platonic or verging on romantic or actual romance) and he’s all sELFish (see what I did there?) about not helping others except elves and she’s all like, “We have to defeat evil no matter what.” and then? MY THEORY: poor girl’s gonna die. Just you watch: she’s going to die (hopefully heroically), and that will soften Legolas’ heart enough to volunteer for the Fellowship come Frodo’s quest. JUST YOU WAIT.

4) Oh, you probably want a trailer now, don’t you? BEHOLD! The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug teaser trailer.

5) I’ve decided that when I take a day off of work, the office also has to close. Because when I’m gone, all sorts of crazy crap comes out of the wood work, and seriously, why does this stuff WAIT until I’m gone? Tuesday was DEFINITELY my Monday. I did not appreciate that. :-/

6) Fans of Johnny Cash might know that he and June Carter did have one son together: John Carter Cash (hey, John Carter… of Mars?). Well, that son has apparently written a book (by the cover, it looks to be children’s/middle-grade, but I could be wrong), and what I’ve read of the review on indicates it’s actually really good. Color me surprised, if for no other reason that I wouldn’t expect a novelist to come out of those two singer/songwriters. πŸ™‚

7) This week I’ve been spending my lunch breaks watching Moonrise Kingdom. I’m not done yet, but it’s weird, quirky, and has both a kitten and Edward Norton. Those latter two things alone make this movie a WIN.

8) I wish this Ariel Makeup Kit from Sephora had come out when I was still an undergrad. Not only did I have shirts and stuff in those exact colors, but I also had the balls to match my eye shadow to said shirts and rock it. Nowadays, I have some shirts to match the eye shadow and nail polish, but it’s not such a good idea for a professional look. But who am I kidding? If I had this kit, I’d totally try it!

9) I’ve decided: if I use the elliptical, then I’ll only do a single lap around the neighborhood. If I don’t use the elliptical (like on weekends or days off from work), I’ll do TWO laps around the neighborhood. Laps are, of course, weather permitting. So weather, permit it, damn it.

10) We’ve started to reach that point in summer where I may need to ignore my own hatred of how my legs are shaped and walk in shorts instead of my usual yoga pants. On the plus side, I’ll be much cooler. On the negative side, my legs are showing. Also, bugs. :-/

12 thoughts on “Today, a list!

    1. Thanks for catching that! Sometimes, Firefox does weird things when I cut and paste an html link. πŸ™‚ All fixed now!


    1. Let’s hope I’m wrong. Or, rather, let’s hope if she does die, it’s super-heroically in battle and not in some stupid bid to make Legolas feel like a guilty jackass. I’d rather him be inspired by her death, rather than guilty, if that makes sense?


  1. It always sucks stumbling across a dead animal like that. When I was younger, there was this dead pigeon someone had run over out in the middle of the street for the LONGEST time. I was forced to see it every time I walked to the school bus stop. :/

    And wow, that makeup kit is so cool! I had been aware of Archie Comics going the makeup route, but not Disney. If I had that kit, I wouldn’t be able to resist trying it, too!


  2. I would totally wear that makeup now.

    Also, I determinedly continue to wear jeans even when it’s 98 degrees out, if only so I don’t have to shave my legs on a regular basis.


    1. Also, I determinedly continue to wear jeans even when it’s 98 degrees out.

      Yes! It drives my hubby crazy. However, my reasons aren’t for shaving (though one can argue that when you only shave your legs once a week, sometimes it IS), but just because I hate how my body looks from the waist down. Really, really hate the shape of my legs. πŸ™‚


      1. My calves are okay, but my thighs, not so much.

        I do have another reason for not showing my legs, but it’s difficult to explain–it stems from a psychological problem that I’ve mostly gotten past now, but during the time I had the most trouble, I got used to always wearing long pants. The issue was, I guess, akin to trichotillomania, triggered by stress, and it led to me often having open sores on my legs.

        Like I said, I’m better now, but long pants just became a habit–and, of course, mean I don’t have to shave as often ;).


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