Starting a New Era….

Today I did something I’ve been considering for a long time: I closed my book blog. It was a hard thing to do, but I didn’t feel any guilt when I posted the announcement, and I’ve felt amazingly lighter today for having that… project… off my shoulders.

I discussed my reasons at the blog that will soon be no more, but I wanted to go into a bit more depth here. When I do something, and by do, I mean REALLY do, I obsess over it. And with book blogging, I was constantly reading, thinking about what I was going to read next, figuring out if I had enough variety to please my readers, making sure the length and time commitment for each book would keep the review schedule running smoothly rather than bogging it down. Any time I wasn’t reading, or writing a review, or planning the blog, I felt like I should be, even when I was at my job that pays me the “big bucks” to afford those books!

Closing it, after 7.5 years of straight reviewing, is something of a huge relief. I can skip a few days without reading and not feel bad or stressed about it. I can read 10 Star Wars books in a row and not worry about losing readers because they aren’t interested in those reviews. I can sit down and read all of my brick-sized books all at once, and not worry about not having enough reviews for the week.

In short, I think this will be liberating.

When I was still posting at my book blog, I tried really hard to keep any book-related topics out of Calico in Transition. Now that I’ve consolidated everything HERE, you’ll see me talk about books far more often. Hell, it may be a bit lopsided, because when it comes to blogging, that’s what I’m used to talking about, you know? But what I foresee is the following: if I read a book that I really want to let people know about, I’ll talk about it. It won’t be a review: it’ll just be a “HEY!!! Here’s this BOOK!!! YOU SHOULD READ IT FOR REALZ, YO!” And that’ll be that. I also plan on posting a monthly list of what I’ve read, that way if you’re not following me on Goodreads (or even if you are) and you want to pick my brain on a title, you can.

So that’s that. It’ll take a few days to clean things up, but it’s official: I’m not consolidated to ONE BLOG. God helps us all….

6 thoughts on “Starting a New Era….

  1. I’m surprised that you did the book blogging for so long because it seemed like it was a ton of work. That is my biggest blogging fear, that it will take way too much time and efoort to keep up with a blog.


    1. Starting a blog can be a lot of work, but not like you think. It’s really a matter of WHY you’re blogging. If you’re TRYING to cultivate an audience, then yeah, it’s gonna take a lot of work. If you’re writing for the people who’ll read you anyway, then the audience will build from there, and it’s just a matter of you knowing what you want your content to be, when you want to post, etc.

      I have some tips I can share if you’re interested. Just let me know. 🙂


  2. What a great 7.5 years it was! And what an impressive library of reviews you have to show for it! I’m always sad when something comes to an end, but I’m so happy for you to have the space to read what you want for fun!


    1. Thanks for the kind words! 🙂 And it’s definitely an impressive library of reviews… sheesh! Over 700 I think….


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