The Quiet Game…

It’s been quiet around here, and I apologize. The past few weeks have had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and this weekend won’t be any different. But I’ve got a moment of downtime before I carry on to the next adventure, so I thought I’d say hi.

So, hi!

One thing I would like to share: the hubby and I visited Chattanooga a few weeks ago to visit friends and go see Iron Man 3. In Chattanooga, they have a theater: the Carmike Majestic 12. In the Carmike Majestic 12, they have a special theater called the Ovation Room. This room is 21 and over, and the ticket price is more expensive than the regular price, regardless of 3D. What makes it special? By being for people over the age of 21, it means no screaming babies. It also means you get to order alcohol off their special menu. Also, THEY HAVE A SPECIAL MENU with items you can’t get at the concession stand. You have a waitress. You have an assigned seat (so none of this, “Hey, can you scoot down so we can all sit together even though we got here at the last minute and can’t find seats?” bullshit). You have leather reclining chairs. You have a never-ending bowl of popcorn.

I could get used to this kind of luxury. 🙂

Do any of the theaters near you offer cool and unusual experiences to their customers?

3 thoughts on “The Quiet Game…

  1. My local movie theater has uncomfortable seats, somewhat questionable quality picture quality, and on one notable occasional I watched an entire movie in a theater that smelled like urine.

    But hey, matinees are six bucks, so I don’t complain. About twice a year, we travel 45 minutes south to the closest IMAX theater and the theater is much more expensive, but A LOT nicer.


    1. Heh. See, we have to travel 45 minutes to a theater PERIOD to see anything at all! Which might explain why we wait for most of the stuff to come out on On Demand or HBO. 🙂


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