Happy Friday! Celebrate with Bacon!

I’ve been craving bacon since Monday. Specifically, my sandwich-of-choice at Subway: turkey, bacon, cheese & ranch (and some lettuce thrown in to be healthy) on wheat. I’ve been good all week, but today’s Friday, and I’m in the mood to celebrate, so bacon it is! Erm, I mean, Subway it is!

Celebrate what, you may ask? Today was my annual review for my day job, and it went well. My raise goes into affect on April 1st, so that’s a good thing. It’s also a constant thing. I’ve complained a bit about certain things being uncertain at the day job, but this wasn’t one of them. The uncertain things seem to be fading, yet they have a bad habit of popping up out of nowhere and saying, “SURPRISE! Your life is UNCERTAIN again!” We’ll see. Right now, I’m quite happy for the raise.

I’m also taking a half day today, so I shall be spending the afternoon with my cat (did you know, cats can literally make you crazy? There’s no hope for me; I’ve been living with cats since I was a baby!) and catching up on a few projects. I’ll leave you with this story: About two out of three visits to Subway, I inevitably get behind someone with a LARGE, COMPLICATED order. And sometimes, like today, it wouldn’t be so complicated if the customer would be direct and straight-forward. Today’s culprit was a woman I’m pretty sure was trying to get two 6″ subs as a $5 footlong. She indicated she wanted two footlongs, and then proceeded to say that half of ONE of the footlongs would be THIS and the OTHER half would be THAT. She also couldn’t say, “Put this, this, and THIS on this ONE sandwich.” She had to say, “Put THIS on ALL of the sandwiches, except for one half” or other such nonsense. Because it was so busy, we had one worker starting the sandwich, one doing the toppings, and one ringing everyone up. When she got to the girl doing the toppings, her two half sandwiches (that’s really a footlong, really) were pretty much supposed to have EVERYTHING on them, but said customer insisted on listing the first few ingredients individually before saying “Everything on this half, and then…” Topping Girl got really tired of it fast, and she forced the woman to focus by saying “What do you want on THIS sandwich?” and going from there. She also made sure the Cashier Girl rang it up as two six inch sandwiches and one footlong. Sweet….

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