Transitioning Into What?

I’ve had this idea for a while now, but it really got stuck in my head last year when I was thisclose to a publishing deal. See, I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll write under my real name (which is associated with my book blog and has been for some time), or if I want to write under a pen name (you’d think naming yourself would be easy. You would be wrong). And because my book blog has a rather large following, I always knew that I’d want to promote whatever I publish professionally to those readers. I’m not going to kid myself: I know that many of those readers won’t give a fig if I publish a book, and those that do may not like my genre. That’s cool. But there will be those who WILL want to follow my career, and I wanted to find a way to promote myself as a writer to THEM while also distancing myself from the book blog (in the event I publish under a pen name).

The idea, then, was simple: to create a blog that would transition me from book blogger to full-time author (whatever name I decide to publish under). Hence, “Calico in Transition.” If you know my book blog, the title makes sense. If you don’t, a few minutes on Google will tell you everything you need to know.

So for now, I’m in transition: not just from book blogger to professional writer, but in life in general. Trying to figure out if my Day!Job is the Forever!Job. Trying to figure out if I even want to become a professional writer, because I’ve been following the field for a long time, and there’s a lot out there that scares me. I’ll talk about anything and everything, including some of the topics I’d discuss at my book blog.

But one thing I won’t talk about: the book blog by name. I also won’t name myself because as I said before, this blog is meant to be a cushion between one thing and another, and I still haven’t decided what I want to name myself yet. I ask those that know me personally (or from the book blog) to refrain from calling me anything but Calico. It may be a futile gesture (and really, there’s no such thing as anonymity on the internet), but if possible, I’d like to dissociate my real name from this blog, so that if I one day launch an author blog, I can promote it HERE my real name being attached to the pen name.

Clear as mud? Good. This in and of itself is an experiment, a way to get me writing about other things that book reviews, a chance to loosen up, have fun, or be serious and reflect. If you’re on board, I’m glad to have you. If you’re not, that’s cool too.

11 thoughts on “Transitioning Into What?

    1. Oh, I’m not published yet. I came close to having it happen this year, but the contract fell through when we realized the novel wouldn’t squeeze itself into the publisher’s word count limits, and that’s okay. Time to start agent shopping!


    1. So true! Hopefully, I’ll catch it in time. 🙂

      And hopefully, nobody will refer to this blog in their OWN space by saying, “NAME over at Calico in Transition says…” I can’t control that. 🙂


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