Works In Progress

I’ve been writing since I was a child. What writer hasn’t? For me, it wasn’t enough to read Sweet Valley books. They couldn’t come out fast enough, so I tried writing my own adventures featuring my own classmates (names changed to protect the innocent, of course). It wasn’t until I attended the Odyssey Writers Workshop that I finished my first short story, and it wasn’t until I attended Seton Hill’s Writing Popular Fiction Graduate School Program that I finished my first novel.

While I’m not published yet, I do have quite a few irons in the fire. Below is a list of my works-in-progress and some status updates, along with background. The links will take you to all of the blog entries where the specific project has been mentioned. Also note the use of code names, because while my titles are not the things of poetry, I know that titles may change one day, and code names are just more fun.

I am currently seeking representation.


Codename: Telepathic Soulmates
Status: Polishing Draft
Genre: Science Fiction
Pitch: What if soulmates are real? Scientifically proven to be real? And what if you can’t stand yours?
Background: Telepathic Soulmates is the novel I completed while getting my MA at Seton Hill University, under the mentorship of Timons Esaias and Tobias Buckell. It’s not science fiction romance, except when it is, but it is not the kind of romance that die-hard romance readers will be happy with. However, if you take out the love story, the book itself rather falls apart. It’s a study of free-will versus fate, of nature versus nurture, and what happens when people take destiny into their own hands. Telepathic Soulmates requires one more, very hard pass to control the word count and polish any lingering world-building issues, and then it’ll be ready to find a home.
Fun fact: This book was offered a publishing contract in 2012 by Dog Star Books. The word count ended up being an issue, but still! I was THISCLOSE to being published!

Codename: Magic Elves
Status: Discovery draft completed (2013); Revised Act One outlined (2014)
Genre: Fantasy
Pitch: What does it mean to be the savior of your people because you’re the last man standing, not because you’re necessarily the “Chosen One”?
Background: I wrote Magic Elves in 2012 as a way to get back in the writing saddle, and I wrote it by writing one double-spaced page a day for a year. It taught me what it truly means to make something up as I go along, and went a long way in helping me understand what it means to have a “discovery draft.” It requires very heavy revision, such heavy revision that I don’t think elves will make it to the revised draft. We’ll see. The revised act one has been outlined, and it looks very, very different from the discovery draft!

Codename: LB Prequel
Status: Discovery draft completed (2013)
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Pitch: None yet.
Background: The LB Prequel actually has NO title. It is, however, a prequel to Telepathic Soulmates, focusing on the heroes’ parents and how they met and what that meeting meant for their society at large. It was meant to be a shorter piece, maybe a novella at most, and I wrote it to explore more of the world and to answer questions I didn’t realize I had. It instead blossomed into something novel-length, but I’m not sure what the final format will look like. There’s a great story that I discovered in the prequel, but it needs a very hard polish to make that story shine. It also inspired me to write at least one other prequel, maybe two. Again, I’d love the aim for these to be in the short fiction realm, but we’ll see.

Codename: Ghostcatcher
Status: Discovery draft in progress (2014)
Genre: Modern/Dark Fantasy
Pitch: It’s an Appalachian ghost story full of music and madness.
Background: I’ve always wanted to write a story set in my backyard, and when the idea for Ghostcatcher hit me, I knew it was the perfect candidate. Early scenes have been a big hit, and I decided to make it my first-ever NaNoWriMo project. While I failed at NaNo spectacularly (you can click the Ghostcatcher link above to learn why), I did come up with some really good scenes, and it’s a story that’s near and dear to my heart. I really look forward to seeing where it takes me.

Codename: Magic Twins
Status: Free Writing/Foundation Building
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pitch: None yet.
Background: I’ve been trying to get an urban fantasy off the ground for a few years now. I’ve had starts and stops, and this particular set of characters really has me focused on family. So I’m exploring, and this particular one is the first that seems like it really has the legs to run on, so here’s to discovery drafting!

Codename: Space Vampires
Status: Free writing
Genre: Science Fiction
Pitch: None yet.
Background: This is a project I’m a little in love with, but it’s a little overwhelming. I worry I may be trying to cram two BIG ideas into one novel, and I’m not convinced those two ideas make a very good marriage. Only one way to be sure is to go ahead and try writing, or perhaps do a thorough synopsis and get some serious feedback on it. One fun thing about this project, at least currently, is that it expands the universe (not just the world) of Telepathic Soulmates, and that’s just plain fun.

Codename: Prison Planet
Status: Outlined
Genre: Science Fiction
Pitch: None yet.
Background: Prison Planet is the sequel to codename Telepathic Soulmates, and there’s a planned third book to follow, which currently lacks both a title and an outline. The story is very different than Telepathic Soulmates, because the world and the story gets much bigger, and the stakes are raised much higher.

Short Fiction

I don’t have a lot of completed, polished short fiction under my belt, but I do have one story that’s finished and making the rounds. I may be silly about codenames for novels, but I’m outright superstitious about naming my short stories in the blog, so I just won’t, and you won’t get code names until I have multiple stories making the rounds. But if you’re interested in the process of publication, or interested in knowing when I’ve got a new short piece I’m working on, just click here.

3 thoughts on “Works In Progress

  1. Good for you and your ideas!!! I love the idea of not being able to stand your soulmate. And I didn’t know Toby had mentored you – he’s a friend. I hope one day to read your work in print. 🙂


    1. Toby is the reason I discovered WARCHILD. I can’t even begin to express how much I owe him for that. I still say that book changed the way I read SF. 🙂

      And thank you for the kind words. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make that whole print thing happen….


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