Music Monday: Ramin Djawadi’s “Light of the Seven”

This week is a cheat. It’s an intentional cheat, because I composed and scheduled all of my Music Monday posts long before I went on vacation, and a kind of progression developed out of that. Two songs with country ties, followed by a completely unrelated classical piano solo that utterly changed the way I listened to music. And to keep this sense of pairs going, I wanted to share a piece that I feel is very much influenced by Philip Glass and minimalism, especially when you compare the very start of both pieces.

Why is it a cheat, then? Because I’ve already gushed about this piece over at Speculative Chic. My Favorite Things may be a weekly column, but unless we have five Mondays in a month, I only contribute to one per month, and early on, I gushed about today’s piece: “Light of the Seven” by Ramin Djawadi.

So instead of saying the same thing with new words, I’m going to copy what I said over there. Forgive me, and please, even if you don’t watch the show, push play, sit back, and enjoy.

This may be a little late, but I’m in love with the track “Light of the Seven” from the Game of Thrones Season 6 score by Ramin Djawadi. All of his work on the show has been phenomenal, but this track really stands out because it’s SO unlike anything the show has utilized thus far. The season six finale (don’t worry, no spoilers) started out with this gorgeous piano solo that’s simply haunting, and immediately you feel like something big and important is going to happen. It draws out the tension in a maddening way. Like I said, no spoilers, but watching the events on the show almost overpowers the music scoring it, and it wasn’t until I listened to the track by itself that I really fell in love: how it starts out with the piano and adds the strings, interplays between the two, and then adds the haunting vocals from two boys, and then lets lose with a mad organ frenzy, and finally folds in the orchestral movement for the finale. And if you listen carefully, you’ll most certainly catch a variation on the opening credits theme that we all know and love. I’ve seen the season six finale criticized partially because this song doesn’t feel like it belongs on the show. It does. It so does. It’s beautiful and haunting and if you start listening to it, you’re not going to get it out of your head. It’s a symphony in and of itself.

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Sound off below!

Reminder: Music Monday is about the music, not the videos. Videos are just the medium I’m using to share the music, and some videos aren’t actually videos at all. Enjoy the songs, but if YouTube forces you to watch some sort of advertisement before you can get to the music, please be patient.

Welcome to the Trip: The Great Orphan Black Rewatch Begins!

The funny thing about being an editor: the very things you hound your writers into doing are often the very things you forget to do yourself. Or maybe that’s just me. But I tell my writers to promote their posts wherever they can, including their blogs if they have them, and what to do I do?

I utterly forget to do so.

But only for a day.

Over at Speculative Chic, my rewatch of Orphan Black has begun with the very first five episodes of season one. The plan is to do 5 episodes every month, and by time I finish season four, I’ll have the fifth and final season to freak out over. Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men, yada, yada, yada, but so far, so good, and if you’re a fan of Orphan Black and you’ve watched the first five episodes, I’d love to have you join the discussion.

How Many of Us Are There? Orphan Black Rewatch Episodes 1.01 thru 1.05

There will be spoilers, of course, but nothing past episode 1.05. I’ll be discussing episodes 6-10 for October 19th, so you’ve got plenty of time to catch up, especially if you’re watching the show for the first time. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.



Culture Consumption: July 2016

So Happy August! I bring you the belated Culture Consumption for July, but at least this month, I know where the month went: Speculative Chic! So far, so good, but starting a fanzine meant less time for other things, like…oh, I don’t know…READING. I still managed some movies and television though, so let’s take a look at what July had to offer, shall we?

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Announcing: Speculative Chic

So, if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know I’ve been jabbering about SEKRIT PROJECTS!!!  Sekrit Project #1 was Calico in Conversation, now wrapping up its second month and going into the third.

But Sekrit Project #2 is much bigger. Bigger, more complex, and a little bit crazy.

Guys? With a little help from my friends, I’ve started a fanzine.

Logo Design by Gregory White

That’s right. A FANZINE. For those of you who used to follow me in my book blogging days, consider this a SUPER BLOG, with far more people contributing than little ole me, as well as a diversification of content. Yes, there will be book reviews, but contributors are talking about movies, writing, conventions, cosplay, music, games…. all kinds of things!

So please, go visit Speculative Learn what we’re about, see what we have to say. Follow us any way you can: subscribe, email, social media, whatever works best for you. And please, if you like what you see, or if you’re remotely interested, please spread the word!

I’m super excited to finally unveil this to you, as this has been in the works for MONTHS, and it’s already involved blood, sweat, and tears.

Welcome to Speculative Chic

Please enjoy. And while I continue to toil away with both Calico in Conversation and Speculative Chic, it’s time for me to embark on . . . you guessed it . . . yet another SEKRIT PROJECT. Three Sekrit Projects in a year…. I’m not sure how I’m going to survive all of this!