A Common Language

My husband and I have started watching season four of Louie on Netflix. Season Four has been a somewhat interesting departure from what I’m used to from the show, which has always been a comedy that specializes in moments of absurd. Season Four, however, has often felt more like a surreal drama, with absurd, when it occurs, hitting an 11 out of 10 (I’m still shaking my head over episode 4.02, “Model”).

The current arc kicked off with Louie helping his neighbor, who got stuck in an elevator. Helping this elderly lady led to meeting the lady’s niece. Both are Hungarian, but only the elderly lady speaks English. The niece does not, but Louie is smitten with her, and seeing them communicate brings a certain joy to the show.

But then came this scene in episode 4.06, “Elevator Part 3.” It’s one of the most beautiful and moving scenes I’ve seen on the show. It has it’s tiny moment of comedy/absurd (that Louie’s daughter knows enough Hungarian to greet Amia properly, and Louie just has no idea on so many levels), but then the scene blooms into this gorgeous moment where words aren’t needed, but the the music says it all.

As both a writer and a musician, this just gives me all the feels.