You’re On To Me, I Know

Today, I bring you something slightly different. I’m working on an extensive post about writing and what it means to write for fun, for money, or for both. Because of that, I’m going to keep the daily down to a single song. It looks like it’s a video, but it isn’t, so you can press play and keep reading.

The song in question is “Lost” by Kris Allen. I stuck it in my playlist for the current project, and every night, I put the playlist on shuffle and this song keeps popping up randomly. So now, I’m passing along the earworm to you, in hopes that you enjoy it.


Currently Writing: Codename: Magic Twins
Last night’s word count: 294 words
Total word count: 5,017 words
I know, last night was crap for production, but that’s okay. I had two LONG days in a row, and I started writing later that I would’ve liked. However, since the goal is one double-spaced page a day, I’m doing quite nicely. Also, it’s hard to concentrate when 1) the cat is being adorable with his toys and 2) the cat wants to be in your lap.

Currently Reading: Jeff VanderMeer’s Acceptance
I was finally able to read on my lunch break today. Yay! The kitty helped by keeping my lap warm.

Next up: busy evening, but nothing like the past few days. Grabbing dinner at Subway with the hubby, then doing a quick run to the grocery store. Then home for… Sleepy Hollow? Watching the hubby play Dragon Age: Inquisition while I blog? Writing? Reading the VanderMeer? All of the above? Only time will tell. I do know that my main goal for the evening and going into tomorrow is not to freeze my ass off. Because seriously, it’s getting cold.

Today’s headline brought to you from Kris Allen’s album, Horizons. You can hear “Lost” by clicking the “video” above.

Cleaning House

The idea of spring cleaning is quite common in our culture, yet there’s something more satisfying about cleaning at end of the year. It’s not that I’ve hunkered down and started scrubbing the house from top to bottom, but there’s a lot of things I’m trying to get wrapped up in order to get my head on right for the new year. As a result, I was inspired to go through my laptop and start REALLY cleaning up some files. I’ve never really re-organized everything in a very long time, and it’s overdue.

One of the worst culprits on my hard drive are my writing files and critique files. They’re all over the place, organized based on where I was when I was writing, or who I was writing for, who I was critiquing for. I started there, and got a lot done. There’s still plenty to clean up and organize, but that’s going to take a different day, a different frame of mind, because it requires me opening old files and figure out what the hell I was writing back then.

But outside of the writing-related files, I feel good. One of the things I’m really bad about is finding a webpage that I’m interested in reading, but don’t have time to, so I bookmark it to my desktop and never come back to it. Several of these will accumulate, and then I’d dump them in a folder, assuming I’d get to them later. Spoiler alert: I never get to them. Ever.

So it was good to go through and clean house, so to speak. I always feel like I have a lot to do for the New Year, be it resolutions or simply new states of mind. This year, I feel the pull more than ever for some kind of resolution, some kind of focus. That’s a separate post, however, and since today is my anniversary, I think I’ll stop “cleaning” and pay attention to my long-suffering husband, who really isn’t suffering: he’s playing Dragon Age: Inquisition instead. I think this means I get to read. 😉