What’s in a Name?

So before I start really blogging in earnest, I wanted to get some technical things out of the way. While I’ve talked about how my identity will be Calico and nothing but Calico until I decide what to name my bad-ass author self, I need to talk about the names of other things.

Namely, the books I’m working on.

I don’t always have a title when I start on a project. Also, because I don’t know what name I want to publish under, I don’t want to give away the titles willy-nilly, simply because one day, an agent will Google me, discover the title of the manuscript in question on this blog and will start browsing on this blog, and while I have no intention of being grossly inappropriate, still, you know? Also, I know I don’t come up with the most original or ground-breaking titles in the world (seriously, I don’t. I envy writers with poetic titles), I’m paranoid about finally getting something and there being onslaught of other books under the same name.

Also, if I do get published, my editor might veto the original title and make me change it anyway. So there’s that.

However, when I want to talk about my writing and various projects, I need something to refer to them by, right? So here’s the deal:

I’m going to use generic descriptors. The descriptors will be SO generic that you can probably think of a dozen books that my descriptor would also describe. The descriptors might be so generic that it turns you off of the project, but I’ll make you a deal: should said manuscript get picked up and I’m allowed to make the announcement (or if I give up and go self-published), I’ll reveal the real title and the REAL blurb, and I promise, the blurb of the novel will be far more interesting. 🙂

Now that I’ve bored you with all this talk of generic descriptors, would you like to know what I’ll be talking about?

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