2013 Epic Book Sale: Round One


If you ever followed me back during my book reviewing days, you know that, off and on, I would host a book sale in order to clear off some non-existent shelf space (non-existent because I pretty much have NONE, and when you have over 1500 books, that’s a problem). Well, it’s that time again, only THIS time, I’m getting more and more ruthless about what I’m letting go of. I’m not getting rid of only stuff that I disliked or found okay: some of the stuff I’m selling I actually REALLY liked, or outright loved. But I have to sit back and ask myself if there’s a high likelihood of me re-reading something, and if the answer is no, do I really need to keep it around to take up space?

The answer in most cases is no. There’s a reason I’m moving to digital.

At any rate, what I’m presenting beneath the cut are the available books for sale. This is round one. A second round will happen when I’ve had the chance to REALLY dig through my closet and get into the Tupperware boxes that house the rest of my collection.

Here are the basics:

Prices per book

Mass market paperbacks: $1.00
Trade paperbacks: $3.00
Hardcovers: $5.00


I will ship to U.S. and Canadian addresses only. I am located in the U.S., so if you are in Canada, please note that shipping will not be any less than $10.00; in fact, it’ll likely be more.

How to Order

Here’s how it works:

In an email to calico.reaction @ gmail.com (take out the spaces before you hit send, yo), tell me the following:

1) Which books you want.
2) Your mailing address (please be complete as possible, especially if you are in Canada).
3) Shipping preferences: first class or media mail (if you’re located in Canada, there’s no choice for you here), tracking number, and/or insurance.
4) Preferred email address for PayPal invoicing.

Once I get your order, I will box everything up and send you an invoice via PayPal. Once payment is received (payment includes the cost of the books, the shipping, and any additional services necessary), I will ship your books and pass along any tracking information you requested.

Please note: If it’s an option, Media Mail will traditionally be cheaper, but don’t put yourself in a position where you’re going to want to take books in and out of an order and try to tweak the price to get under a certain amount. I’ve had that happen in the past, and I’d ask that anyone wanting to make a purchase to be confident about what they want and how they want it before placing an order. It takes time to find the right-sized box, pack it up, and get a quote, and to have to do that multiple times for the same order makes my eyes cross uncomfortably.

With that in mind, I’m sure you’re wanting to see what books are for sale, right? Click behind the cut, and let’s get started:

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