This post is just a head’s up more than anything. I’m starting the process of making some serious changes to this blog. Some will be subtle, some will be major, but don’t be surprised if you visit the site and see it looking differently from day to day, even minute to minute. I’m fiddling with themes and all kinds of things, some things minor, some things major. It’ll take time, because I don’t want to jump in head first without really understanding what I’m doing and why. It’s a strange thing, really digging in to learn a new platform. I used to know Live Journal like the back of my hand, despite my serious lack of coding skills. Word Press, not so much, but it’s past time.

At any rate, this post is brought to you by a stupidly busy weekend, hot chocolate made with Rum Chata while watching the mid-season finale of Once Upon a Time, the Christmas album from She & Him, and a cat who’s currently plotting revenge because I accidentally elbowed him in the face after I returned home from a chili cookout.

To Those Follow The Syndicated Feed on LJ

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s time I made this post.

When I started this blog, I started a syndicated feed called “calicotransit” that, if you’re on Live Journal, you can friend and get the entries on your friends’ list. It’s easy, and it’s convenient.

But there are two pitfalls that I want to make LJ users aware of:

1) LJ does not archive these posts. It seems like the calicotransit entries are kept for about a week or two before dropping off the system. So if you, on LJ, ever want to go back to look at an old post, you’re out of luck if you’re relying on calicotransit to do that for you. Instead, you’ll have to come directly to the source here on WordPress.

2) I do not receive your comments on the LJ feed. You might balk and say, “Wait a minute! But you RESPONDED!” and that’s because I try and remember to go back and actually check each syndicated entry for comments. But even though I created the feed, I don’t OWN the feed. It’s just there, and I don’t get notifications when someone comments to an entry. Which sucks, because I’m a comment-whore, but what can you do?

Actually, what you CAN do, despite it being a mite bit inconvenient, is click the link at the TOP of the syndicated entry you want to comment on. That will take you directly to said entry on WordPress and you can comment on the site. This comment I will receive notification for, and can reply in a timely manner.

Commenting on WordPress is easy. You just put in your name (and by name, which never name you want to use that you want me to know you by), your email addy (which is never, ever public) and providing your website is optional. Type in your comment, then let WordPress know you want follow-up comments (so YOU know when I respond), and click “post comment.” It’s that easy! No verification crap to deal with. However, your comment will wait in moderation if you’re a first-time commenter, but I promise, I review that stuff daily. 🙂

Anyway, that’s it. I know, super-exciting post. I’ll make it up to you guys and talk about my television-viewing habits next. 😉