Trips I Want to Take this Year (But Probably Can’t)

At the start of the year, I was hopeful. There were two trips the hubby and I thought we would definitely do, and two trips that I was strongly considering.

And then there’s the one I don’t want to take, but will probably have to.

The definite #1: go see the Braves play in Atlanta. We’ve done this for the past two years: gone to Atlanta for a few days, catch a series, and in the downtime, go do touristy stuff. I haven’t been to Atlanta’s zoo yet, so that’s a must this year.

The definite #2: go visit a good friend of ours, whom we haven’t seen in ages, in Minnesota. We’ve been casually talking about it for years, but this was the year we were really thinking it could happen.

The maybe #1: my ten year college reunion in Roanoke, VA. This was a maybe because at first, I didn’t know who was going nor how much it was going to cost; now I know how much it’s going to cost and I’m still trying to figure out who’s going. I gotta say, though, reunions don’t have the same draw as they did in the days before Facebook. When you can keep up with friends and family via FB? It kind of diminishes the need to see them. Not saying that internet contact replaces real life contact, but still….

The maybe #2: a wedding invite to Seattle, WA. I’ve never been there and would love to go, and the friend who’s getting married is someone I’d be thrilled to see get married. But such a trip definitely involves FLYING, and FLYING involves EXPENSE.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you already know where this is headed: we’re still waiting on quotes on the new HVAC unit (which is likely going to involve new duct work as well), and that puppy’s going to COST MONEY. That and repairing the trampoline damage: the neighbor’s going to pay for it, but we’re looking at a situation where we pay it first and he can pay us back. And all of these expenses has me seriously looking at these trips in a new light.

The Braves are a lock. We booked that one early so we could get the series and the seats we wanted. Everything else, however, is in the air.

Reunion is first on the docket. Friends of mine want to do an anti-reunion: go to Roanoke for the weekend, but rather than paying for the official reunion (which is a pretty penny), just dropping in on campus for a bit, visit, and then hang around town. I’m of two minds here: on one hand, it would be a cheaper alternative, if I’m set on making the trip. On the other hand, it’s kind of like skipping prom to go hang out with your friends like you would every other weekend. In other words, if you can’t do the SPECIAL weekend that’s being set up just for you, why not do the big group friend thing at a later time? I don’t know. This is the one I need to decide upon, and soon, because reunion weekend is the end of May.

Then there’s the wedding in July. This was the last one to slide onto my radar, and it appears it’ll be the least likely to happen, even if the above expenses weren’t at issue. Still, I haven’t responded to the invite yet, because you never know. But the weekend of the wedding is the most heavily-traveled weekend of the year, which makes it a tough one: my boss and I have a rule: we’re not allowed to BOTH be out of the office at the same time during business hours (excepting lunches and holidays). He’s going to be out that weekend (and by weekend, I mean the 4th of July Thursday and Friday after), which means that, short of the 4th itself, I’ll need to be in the office Friday. Which means getting to Seattle for the wedding might be a wee bit tight. Again, we’ll see.

And let’s not forget Minnesota. Oh, we had such plans! This, too, is still in the air, as it’s another trip we’d be flying for (unless we go batshit crazy and decide to drive it: my husband in a car on long trips? Not much fun). And plus, when we get there, there’s stuff to DO. So yeah.

Obviously these are very minor problems when you look at them from a certain point of view. Frankly, I’m lucky I’m able to take any sort of vacation at all that involves leaving home, and believe me, I know it: frankly, I’m still stuck in the mindset that we can only afford one trip per year, and even then, I’m not sure we shouldn’t stay local. That’s not entirely true, but it’s still heavy on my mind, which is why the other three trips hadn’t been finalized yet, which works out, considering we don’t know what the financial situation will be when all the repairs are said and done.

Also, there’s a chance I may be forced into a short trip to the capital of our lovely state to see a specialist. About something I may or may not talk about at a later date. But it would involve food, gas, and a hotel. Which means money. And that trip, should it be determined it must be taken, won’t be an option like the others. So there’s that.

Thoughts on vacationing? Weddings? Reunions? Do you have any trips planned for the year?

13 thoughts on “Trips I Want to Take this Year (But Probably Can’t)

  1. My little brother just got a job in Seattle and I’m thrilled that I’ll have a place to stay there 😉 I’ve been there a lot, but man, it’s fantastic. If it doesn’t work out for you now, hope it does in the future. Better not to try to squeeze it in, though, particularly having to be back on that Friday…

    I hear you about the school reunion. With Facebook, I feel like I keep up enough with those I semi-want to. What’s the point in spending money and going back?


  2. I skipped my high school reunions and I honestly can’t say that I feel bad about it. As you mentioned, Facebook makes it much easier to stay in contact with people. I am pretty much of the mindset now that if I want to stay in contact with you, I will figure out a way. There was only one person that didn’t apply to, and I happened to run into him a few months ago. He did not attend the reunion.

    We are also doing a Braves game this year. I think I’m going to take Cam next month…then Ryan and I are wanting to go to one by ourselves. Not sure when we’re doing that yet though.


    1. I skipped my high school reunion as well and felt fine about it. College was different for me, but despite whether I want to go or not, now, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. We got the HVAC quote! Oy….

      Cam would have a BLAST at a game! You should take him to one where they let the kids run the bases!


  3. If my high school and/or college had a reunion, I never heard about it, and if I went back to Denver it wouldn’t be for those reasons. As far as other vacations, my issues are money (I have a horse to feed. Love her, but she’s expensive) and the trips I wanted to take (Worldcon, or a couple of workshops) are right over summer holidays, and since I work at a resort hotel I’m not allowed to take off on those weekends, usually. My one escape is to Flagstaff at the end of next month; four hour drive north, and I have a hotel discount and one night free. Yay!


  4. I’m still torn about the college reunion. A lot of the people I wanted to see either aren’t coming or not going to the official reunion and the people who seem most gung ho about reunion are the ones I don’t know well and have little in common with. I also expected there to be more events (like taking a class), not just get drunk and come to lectures about giving us more money. I thought about just going on Saturday, but I feel totally price-gouged to have to spend $140 on three meals. Then I thought about just going to the dinner, but there is some kind of $50 penalty if you only go to one meal. Seriously? Plus I have to work that weekend as of right now and I doubt that I will take off work if I don’t go to the official reunion. I am disappointed, though.


    1. I haven’t looked at the a-la carte details too closely, so I don’t doubt a person would get gouged somehow. Chances are, I’m not going to be able to do it, because we’re definitely going to have to replace the HVAC system, and that’s going to be quite the bill. Some people, like you and Kristin and Melissa, live in VA though and I can always make a weekend out of going there. It’s the others from outside of VA that I’d hate to miss. :-/


  5. I went to Seattle years ago, to get my passport renewed at the Russian Consulate there. We were only there for a few days, but did get to eat at the restaurant on top of the Needle, and walked through one of the parks. I remember how pretty it was.

    I don’t think my husband and I went on a trip since we had kids, unless you count me taking my three boys to Russia to see my parents (eight hours on a plane followed by five hours at an airport followed by another two hours on a plane followed by at least an hour or more waiting in line for customs and luggage – it’s more like a circle of hell than a vacation, to be honest :-). And I get to to do it again in a month and a half! At least now that my youngest is almost five I am hoping I won’t be ready to throw myself under a bus once we finally get out of the airport…


    1. I would love, love, LOVE to visit Seattle. I wish I could say we can make it happen this year, but that’s looking less and less likely….


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