Progress Report: 3/10/2013

It’s been a hard week. Work’s been busy and stressful for not just me, but those in my immediate circle, which affects me. Writing was often the last thing on my mind, which is making me wonder if I shouldn’t go back to the page-a-day method that got me through Magic Elves, even if I’m not posting said page daily for my accountability readers. We’ll see. This week has the potential to be thoroughly interesting, but not fun and not conducive to a good head-space for writing.

Project Code Name: Space Vampires
Word Count This Week: 1,512 words
Total Project Word Count: 3,057 words
Status: Chapter One is almost complete. It’s a crappy dump of info, but it’s a necessary dump of info, and I have to remind myself that in the first draft, this is okay. Revision is the time to iron that stuff out and make things subtle. Right now, it’s just important to get the story on the page.

Other Accomplishments: the hubby and I spent Saturday running errands, and we picked up a new toner cartridge for my printer and a few reams of paper. We’re going to attempt to print out Telepathic Soulmates ourselves. Which shouldn’t sound like an impressive endeavor, but we’re going to try to print DOUBLE-SIDED on a printer that only prints SINGLE-SIDED! If that doesn’t work, I’ll take the file to the local print shop, because I really want a hard copy for editing. The tentative plan is to have that sucker out the door and begging for agents by the end of April. We’ll see.

12 thoughts on “Progress Report: 3/10/2013

  1. dude, good luck with the printing.

    in OTHER news, i must share my annoyance.
    *I* have a project entitled “VAMPIRES! IN! SPACE!” [think like “PIGS! IN! SPACE!” from the Muppets. or “JEWS! IN! SPACE!” from History of the World Part I]
    name thief 😀


    1. Aren’t you glad then that Space Vampires is only a project code and not the title I’ll be submitting the manuscript under? 🙂


        1. i was mostly asleep when i wrote that. those three rude letters. le sigh.

          funnily, mine is also just a working title. i have to wonder – are we working on the same general concept? how did yours start? mine was literally, joking around one day [post a Buffy-binge, naturally] about “VAMPIRES! IN! SPACE!” and… yeah.

          hey. it’s more, obviously. but… yeah 🙂
          [hint: so, vampires sleep during the day.
          how long do they sleep elsewhere? like, say… the Moon. where “day” lasts 336 earth hours? and THEN what happens, when they wake up after not eating for two damned weeks, and THEN *HAVE* to stay AWAKE for another two damned weeks… there’s more, about magic and how far it extends from planetary bodies, how it’s a universal force like gravity, strong nuclear, elector-magnetic, weak nuclear, then magic… but that was the basic, basic gist]

          also… ONE of my writers just had a book come out, that has a novella written by a new writer as a prequel, that dealt with Vampires in Space, too. huh. i THINK it was called “Remnants” or something like that… [“just”. a year, year and a half ago, i mean.]

          but MOST – i am here to edit, beta, or just enjoy!!! please let me? i need practice, if nothing else


          1. Sounds like our premises are pretty different. Mine are only vampires in the sense that they need blood in their diet to survive. A bit more to it than that, but yeah.

            And while this isn’t SF, have you ever read the horror comic 30 Days of Night? You might really appreciate that premise. It was adapted into a film, too, if you’d rather watch that.

            Who was your author that wrote the novella?

            And thanks for the offer! I’ll keep you in mind for when I’m ready, I promise. 🙂


              1. i don’t watch horror, but i’ll look out for the comic.
                i didn’t respond to the rest, because i had to go to a dr appt, and spent forever finding the title… because my dad snagged the book. sigh. sorry about that.

                and i’ll be bugging you about that promise 🙂 i have a novel for someone else to edit right now, but i’ll be done in a few weeks. not that you’ll be ready in a few weeks lol


    1. Haven’t done it yet, because it’s going to take a WHILE and it’ll be something of an involved process. Maybe this weekend?


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